NEWS: Airobotics Developer Program

Join the Airobotics Developer Program and create new applications for Airobotics’ industrial, automated drone platform. Our system is one of a kind, uniquely designed to self-launch and land the drone, replace batteries and payloads, and is totally unmanned. Develop applications that create value for industrial facilities and large factories, enable users to control, manage and analyze aerial data. Be part of the most advanced and cutting edge industrial drone platform.

About the Program
Airobotics is looking to partner with developers who have already invented the wheel. The program is open to developers as well as companies. If you or your company have an idea, a prototype or a working product that can enhance the data and insights gained from Airobotics’ drones or improve our customers’ experience, we want to hear about it! We will provide developers with access to our APIs in order to communicate with our drone and Airbase. Examples for data that can be shared: video, stills images, infrared footage in HD or SD quality etc.
  • Your code must be compatible with Linux Operating System
  • We allow only closed “black-box” code, with no communications to remote servers or services, we don’t rely on the internet
  • We accept certain licenses for open source such as Apache, MIT or BSD.

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