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Micro UAV Novadem NX-70

The NX70 drone provides first responders with a highly mobile remote eye for tactical intelligence and operations monitoring. The NX70 benefits from the latest technological improvements providing it with unique characteristics :

  • 45 minutes flight time
  • 3 km operating range
  • Flight speed up to 20 m/s
  • Weight of less than 1 kg
  • HD bi-spectral payload
  • Encrypted digital transmissions

Small size, Outstanding performance

The NX70 can take-off and land from a car without having to go out of it. In only 3 minutes, the NX70 can reach a target 3 km away. With its exceptional flight time of 45 minutes, the NX70 is the most efficient solution in its class.

All-weather capabilities

The NX70 can perform its missions regardless of rainy or dusty environments. Its extended operationnal temperature coupled with its high wind resistance ensure use in all conditions.

Latest generation of imaging chain

The NX70 integrates a payload composed of three cameras, two ultra HD day cameras and a thermal camera allowing day and night missions. Encrypted transmissions ensure the protection of data. The quality of digital transmissions covers large distances (>3 km).


  • Dimensions (unfolded) H=13 x L=51 x l=51cm
  • Dimensions (folded) H=13 x L=27 x l=19cm
  • Takeoff weight < 1 kg
  • Max. flight time 45 min
  • Max. range 3 km
  • Max. speed 20 m/s
  • Wind limit 65 km/h
  • Max. flight altitude (ASL) 2200 m
  • Deployment time < 1 min
  • Operating temperature range -15 à +45°C

Type of Naviagation

  • GPS Navigation (Waypoint, GoTo, GoHome)
  • Follow-me
  • High level flight control
  • Automatic emergency procedure

Data link

  • Full digital transmissions Video and Data
  • Diversity receiver
  • Dual frequency bands: ISM 5GHz / 2.4GHz
  • Data encryption AES 256 bits

Integrated avionics

  • GNSS, Altimeter, Autopilot
  • IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)
  • Triple redundancy electronic navigation
  • Integrated 3G/4G module (optionnal)

Bi-spectral Payload

Day camera

  • Ultra-high resolution EO
  • Dual focal
  • Horizontal Field of View : 60° to 7,5°

Thermal camera

  • Resolution : 640 x 480
  • Sensitivity : <50mK
  • Horizontal Field of View : 43°

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