NEWS: Stall detection for drones from UAVenture

UAVenture has unveiled a feature that will be popular with the drone delivery crowd. Their AirRails flight controller can detect a stall whilst in flight, and catch it if you will. Saving the airframe with the multirotor component.

A useful trait in something that might be flying over populated areas at the time.

AirRails is purpose built for VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing and SLT (Separate Lift Thrust) airframes. It can not only monitor the stall but excessive roll/pitch, freefall, altitude loss, minimum altitude violation, airspeed loss, motor loss.

It is able to fly the following types of aircraft.

Hybrid VTOLs Bi-, tri- and quadcopter tailsitters, quadplanes and tiltrotors.

Multirotors Quad-, hexa-, octa- and X8 copters.

Fixed-wing Hand launched fixed-wings.


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