DESCRIPTION: Leonardo – SW4 Solo

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "sw4 solo (leonardo)"

The SW-4 ‘Solo’ Rotary Unmanned Air Vehicle (RUAV) is based on the proven SW-4 light single engine helicopter.  It is designed for both piloted (Optionally Piloted Helicopter, OPH) and unmanned operations, for maximum operational flexibility.

The RUAV version of the SW-4 is capable of performing a number of roles, including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and cargo re-supply, in both Land and Naval Variant. When piloted, the SW-4 ‘Solo’ can undertake manned activities including transportation of personnel, surveillance and intervention.
The SW-4 is EASA certified and ensures safe operations when operating in the manned and unmanned modes.

The System is equipped with an interoperable Ground Control Station (GCS) with an advanced Human Machine Interface. SW-4 ’Solo’ GCS provides an interface which can be used to control and monitor a single or multiple RUAV missions at the same time, from takeoff to landing. It also provides effective control of RUAV payloads and allows sensor data transmitted from the RUAV to be monitored. SW-4’Solo’ GCS can communicate with Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (RPASs) using the STANAG 4586 protocol allowing it to control and monitor any type of STANAG compliant RPAS (both rotary and fixed wing).

SW-4 ‘Solo’ GCS can be deployed in different hardware configurations according to customer needs: desk mounted, transportable or standalone rugged for use in the field (MIL-STD-810 compliant).

Technical data


Max take off – 1,800 kg   3,968 lb
Max Payload – 470 kg  1,036 lb
Length – 9.07 m  29.6 ft
Height – 3.14 m  10.3 ft
Width – 2.28 m   7.5 ft
Main Rotor Diameter – 9.00 m  29.5 ft

Max Range – 940 km  507.2 nm
Max Endurance – 6 hrs
Hovering OGE (ISA) – 820 m  2690 ft
Operational Ceiling – 3,900 m  12,795 ft
Max Take Off altitude (ISA) – 1,290 m  4232 ft
Max cruising Speed (ISA) – 206 kph  111  kts
Best endurance speed (SL ISA) – 111 kph  60 kts
Best range speed (SL ISA) – 150 kph 80 kts

Type – Heavy Fuel (JP5/8)
Capacity – 570 (450) Liters (Kg) 119 USgal
Average consumptions – 70 kg/hr

Ground Crew:
Remote Pilots – 1
Payload Operator – 1
Crew Coordinator – 1
On-board Crew (when operating in OPH configuration) – 1 Pilots


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