DESCRIPTION: Thales SpyRanger

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "SpyRanger uav"

Spy’Ranger is a latest-generation mini-UAS with the only EO/IR imaging system in the world capable of transmitting high-definition electro-optical and infrared imagery in real time.

The system draws on a decade of experience of micro- and mini-UAV systems with the French armed forces and offers particularly high levels of endurance. It is deployed with the Spy’C automatic command-and-control software already adopted by the French land forces.
Designed to operate in extreme, non-permissive environments, this new-generation system gathers and transmits accurate, operational beyond-line-of-sight image intelligence for joint battlegroup and brigade-level units. It is interoperable with France’s multi-sensor image interpretation and dissemination system (MINDS/SAIM) to generate imagery that can be used directly in operational C4I systems for frontline mission planning and multi-sensor manoeuvres by forward units.

Thales is Europe’s leading industry player in tactical UAV systems and intends to become the European leader across the entire sector with a complete offering of unmanned systems ranging from micro-UAS to tactical UAVs.



The range and endurance of the Spy’Ranger system, combined with the efficiency of its EO/IR sensor, advanced processing capabilities and a tactical datalink developed specifically for the French forces, make the system suitable for any type of point or wide-area surveillance during the day or at night.


Spy’Ranger gathers key intelligence data on movements of potential threats, non-combatants and friendly forces to help ensure mission success during joint manoeuvres at brigade level. The system tracks battlegroup movements on offensive reconnaissance or survey missions, determining threat locations and providing detailed topographic information in real time.

Image intelligence

On frontline intelligence missions, Spy’Ranger gathers and transmits images in real time, either for immediate interpretation to meet the needs of an ongoing operation, or for further exploitation to support joint mission planning or battle damage assessment.

Target acquisition

Spy’Ranger identifies and geolocates targets in real time to provide direct support to manoeuvres by engaged forces. Its high-definition imaging system and laser pointer indicate the exact location of a target. Geographic data is automatically added so that the intelligence can be used immediately by fire control systems (artillery, mortars, aircraft, etc.) to help protect the forces in the field and gain a tactical advantage.

Spy’Ranger performance

Range: 15 km to 30 km
Operational endurance: > 2 hours 30 minutes
Adjustable ground speed
Operates with wind speeds in excess of current type standards
Innovative, lightweight launch system for take-off in any direction, from constrained areas, even with no wind
– Designed for highly accurate landing in complex zones (obstacles, constrained areas, etc.)

A high-performance platform

The Spy’Ranger system is transportable in a tactical backpack and offers a range of different deployment options.

The air vehicle was purpose-designed with a specialised French firm to withstand the wide range of climatic conditions encountered in different theatres of operations and to provide outstanding performance in the critical take-off and landing phases.

State-of-the-art technology

Spy’Ranger deploys a high-performance EO/IR imaging system.

The airframe is made of a special, patented composite material for robustness and resilience. The design was fully proven through an iterative process of in-flight testing.

Based on operational feedback from customers, the system provides an optimal combination of endurance, imaging performance, robustness, resilience, security and life-cycle costs.


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