NEWS: Israeli Drone Crashed in Lebanon

Sklylark crash

The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon announced on Tuesday it has found the Israeli drone which crashed late on Monday over the Lebanese territories. In a statement, the Islamic Resistance said it’s Mujahedeen (fighters) have found the crashed drone and moved it to a safe are for examination.

Earlier on Monday, an Israeli reconnaissance drone crashed in southern Lebanon near the border with the occupied territories.

Lebanese media initially reported the incident, with Hezbollah’s Military Media Center said the drone reportedly crashed in the border town of Alma Shaab, in the southern district of Tyre

The Lebanese Army rushed to the scene but couldn’t reach the site of crash due to the rough terrain, according to Hezbollah Hezbollah’s Military Media Center.

National News Agency said that Israeli occupation forces went on high alert near the technical fence, and military helicopters hovered overhead.

The UNIFIL patrolled areas adjacent to the crash site, according to NNA.

For its part, Israeli media also reported the incident, saying a Skylark drone crashed in south Lebanon “a result of what is believed to be a technical malfunction,” according to Ynet.

The Skylark drone is a close-range tactical unmanned air vehicle (UAV) system principally designed for Israeli, Canadian and Korean forces to carry out intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance operations.

The UAV was designed and manufactured by Elbit Systems. It was first unveiled in 2006.

The UAV is primarily used for worst weather reconnaissance, data collection and target marking for missions ranging more than 50km.

Source: Almanar


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