NEWS: State of Victoria Australia, looking for endurance BVLOS platforms


If your platform can fly for move than four hours you might want to be getting your sales team onto this.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) in Victoria Australia have released the request for tender below.

A perfect fit for many civilian platforms that will come in much cheaper than ex-military machines. No mention of the weight of payloads anticipated. Our pick, the Alti Transition. If only for the fact that our man Tiaan witnessed a six hour flight.

Creation of a Panel of Providers for Endurance Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Services

Request for Tender (RFT): 332873

This tender aims to create a panel of providers with high endurance Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) that can effectively operate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), at high altitude above 400 feet (~ 122 meters) for long range flights of more than 4 (four) continuous hours of flight using a range of technology to capture and transmit images, video and other measurements (data) for use by the department.

RPAS are remotely piloted aircraft that can add value to the delivery of DELWP services through:

  •  Accurate localised weather details,
  •  Live detail images and videos of planned burn (bush fire) conditions,
  •  Detailed identification and assessments of hazardous trees,
  •  Road management identification of hazards or maintenance opportunities,
  •  Feral Animal management programs,
  •  Protected species management,
  •  Flood management,
  •  Asset remediation,
  •  Water management, Dam status and infrastructure condition assessments,
  •  Coastal erosion monitoring, and other air, land and water environment applications.

Improving aerial video and thermal imagery capability will assist DELWP to deliver more effective and safer planned burn operations. There is also a potential to expand the usage of RPAS to utilise the cost effectiveness of these systems to deliver detailed geographically referenced imagery and video in the assessment of the hazards applicable on the roads managed by DELWP as well as providing specific data on individual hazardous trees or animal reviews in large remote areas.

RPAS products/services, include:

  •  Live and recorded high resolution geographically referenced and orthorectified images and videos in the visible, infra-red and thermal spectrum with corresponding meta-data.
  •  Live and recorded transmission those images and videos to both onsite and offsite operations teams via mobile and internet network access.
  •  Geographic tagging (marking) objects of interest, such as hazardous trees, in those images and videos.
  •  Other data products of interest include (but not limited to) LiDAR and photomosaic imagery.

This new panel of providers will complement an existing panel of RPAS providers that operates under 400 feet (~122 meters) for some of the DELWP services listed above.

This will be a closed panel that will be in place until 31 July 2018, with an option for two one year extensions which will be at DELWP’s sole discretion.

This tender release is provisionally set to open on Wednesday, 01 February 2017 and close at 2.00pm, Thursday, 02 March 2017.

The tender will be released on the eServices Ariba platform located on the website below:

Vendors who are NOT registered on the eServices Ariba platform are advised that they must register at the following link:


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