NEWS: Nearmap Brings the Real World to You

Instant access to high-resolution aerial imagery allows you to be everywhere without going anywhere

The new year is well underway. At Nearmap, we’ve been reflecting on the past but also looking ahead with excitement and enthusiasm.

To put our mission in context, as Nearmap evolved—first in Australia and now also in the US—a singular purpose emerged. We set out on a journey of exploration and discovery focused on capturing truth in the world and harnessing that truth in the form of powerful resources for our customers and partners. This journey has allowed us to bring the real world to you.

As our journey progresses into 2017 and beyond, we continue to be guided by this singular idea: we believe if we change the way people view the world, we profoundly change the way they work. Over the last several years, we have seen this happen. Organizations—both commercial and government—are applying Nearmap in creative ways and in so doing, improving work processes. Oftentimes, this effects their entire lifecycle, both internally and externally with customers. For example, companies use Nearmap for prospecting and targeting. They use Nearmap to estimate and quote with higher degrees of accuracy. They build proposals that showcase our high-resolution imagery. They deploy resources in a dramatically more efficient manner. They service customers, monitor change over time and the cycle continues.

There’s purpose behind our journey: to create effortless access to the most useful, engaging and current location content making it possible for anyone to unlock the limitless capacity of truth on the ground. How does this work? Users explore their environment with ease, clarity, and minimum impact. They unlock opportunities allowing them to consistently make informed decisions. They transform the way they work into a productive, strategic advantage.

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