NEWS: $1.5M Shadow Disappears on Training Flight

RQ-7Bv2 ShadowThe US Army is missing a $1.5 million drone that disappeared while on a training flight at Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona.

Base officials say the Shadow unmanned aircraft launched on Tuesday disappeared after losing connection with the ground station.

Massive efforts to find the missing drone have been unsuccessful and officials believe it disintegrated on impact somewhere in that general area.

The aircraft was part of a training mission at Fort Huachuca being conducted by the 14th Brigade Engineer Battalion from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state.

JBLM Soldiers conduct UAS training for readiness-level progression at Fort Huachuca - Source: Fort Huachuca Public Affairs

“We’re exhausting all efforts to recover the Shadow UAS and appreciate all the support we’ve received from Fort Huachuca experts and the surrounding community agencies,” said Lt. Col. Fredrick O. Williams, 7th Infantry Division spokesperson, in a news alert. “The cause of the incident is still under investigation.”

Source: Fort Huachuca Public Affairs

If anyone has information related to the missing Shadow UAS, please call the Fort Huachuca Installation Operations Center at 520-533-2291 or the Military Police Desk at 520-533-3000. (Click or tap phone number to call from this story on your mobile device.)

Top Photo: RQ-7Bv2 Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (TUAS) – U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center



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