NEWS: Fully enclosed fold-able selfie camera drone


Hover Camera Passport

2017 seems to be the year of selfie camera drones. At CES 2017, we can see a lot of selfie camera drones than ever it used to have in previous events. One of the brilliant innovation from a company called Zero zero Robotics is the Hover Camera Passport which was announced back in April 2016. At that time, Zero had promised that it would ship before the holidays and they are doing exactly the same what they have said to do.

The Passport is equipped with a pretty decent camera with a 13-megapixel sensor which can shoot video up to 4k resolution and stills at 13 megapixels. It also has a built-in flash for low light photography. You can control the pitch angle of the camera but the footage is digitally stabilized. That means no mechanical stabilizer or gimbal for smoother jello free videos. But it’s not about its camera which makes this drone unique than others. The most significant feature on the Passport is its foldable design. There are lots of compact drones in the market right now but Passport is definitely an eye catchy drone because of its enclosed propellers and foldable lightweight design. It’s intentionally created to be fit in any back or purse so people can carry this thing whenever and wherever they want. It has image recognition software, which allows the drone track faces and bodies and at the same time, it also maintains its position and altitude without having GPS support. It has bunch of autonomous flight modes like follow me, orbit and panorama.

Flight time is around 10 minutes if wind condition is in your favor. If you are looking for high-performance drone then Passport is not made for you as it doesn’t have GPS and range is too short for long range flight. It can fly up to 65 feet with the top speed of 17 miles per hour. You can use its mobile app to fly your Passport and setup your every shot.You can control the drone either in two-handed mode or single-handed mode. In the single-handed mode, the drone directions are controlled according to the smartphone’s movement in your hand by using phone’s gyro and accelerometer sensors. Propellers and motors are in enclosed carbon fiber frame which allows users to fly or grab with their bare hands like a floating tripod.

Passport is not a complete package who is looking for a drone which can fly for long range and take videos as well but it’s definitely a drone that can stand out for its portability. Price is about $600 which is already being started to ship. It’s also $50 off for the next couple of weeks. Grab one if you need a compact selfie drone with a good camera and better flight time.


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