NEWS: MiniRacingWing-another Kickstarter backed racing drone


After the photography drones in the multi-rotors category, racing drones are popular amongst the general public which has shown its huge possibilities with FPV system. Racing quads have already made its place as a freestyle sport and many international competitions were held with a big amount of prizes for the winners. On the other hand, fixed wing planes were in existence many years before then the multi rotors but never caught that much attention of the spectators and organizers as well. Here comes the MiniRaceWing, another Kickstarter-backed project, to change that tradition. This racing plane is very fast, acrobatic, easy to carry anywhere. It gives you a different experience of flying which is exceptionally distinct than traditional flying of fixed wing planes.

The fuselage of the MiniRaceWing is made of carbon fiberglass which is extremely hard to break down. So it takes some times to get used to of this plane and probably the new flyers will take some crashes on their side. The specially designed mounts for wing provides extra care for crashes making it almost crash proof plane. You can customize it with your own motor and other components to get better flight performance and fly it as racing planes around the obstacles to the lower ground level. Its modular design gives the endless possibilities and opportunities to take this flyer to any place wherever you want to fly.  The carbon fiber fuselage gives all kind of protection to your FPV and other parts during the crash situation.

The attachable design of wings takes all the high impact and reduce the stress on the wings during the crash so it can easily be dissembled without taking any further damage to the wings and the fuselage. All the wirings and components can be installed in the fuselage so users don’t need to put components and wires inside the wings like in traditional fixed planes. Which gives the result of speed flying, tight cornering, and turning as well as easy landing. The MiniRaceWing is really easy and safe to launch. A little manual push is needed to launch the aircraft in the air. Like a take-off, landing is also pretty easy, just slow down the throttle and it will land in front of you slowly without taking that much space. The company is asking for €80000 where they have already raised around €27000. Let’s see how things will turn out with this startup company. We hope backers won’t be disappointed like in the case of the Lilydrone camera.


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