NEWS: Xiaomi create the fastest tri drone ever

Where the first Xiaomi drone was targeted at taking out the Phantom 4, the new  Erida is aiming for the likes of Lilly, with folding arms and automated video capabilities you can take it with you on your adventure and set it to follow you around and capture amazing aerial footage.

yi erida folded and unfolded
Arms fold down to make transport more convenient.

The Yi Erida is a prime example of Xiaomi’s strategy, it is originally from another company Atlas who failed to crowdfund for the Atlas Erida. Xiaomi has then taken this idea, slapped a Yi4K in it and rebranded it as a Yi.

Erida: The fastest tricopter in the world

Flying with speeds up to 80 KmPh  it has been labelled the fasted tri-copter in the market. Central to this claim is the fully carbon fibre frame that takes the total weight to under 1Kg.

Why a tricopter?

xiaomi erida on white background
The Xiaomi version of the erida with the 4K camera.

Having only 3 rotors cuts the weight down and contributes further to the flight time.  The tri design is also a visual point of difference in a highly flooded Quad market.

The main drawback why tricopters have not been widely adopted is their complicated  and weak rear rotor arm, something we covered in our quadcopters vs tricopters . Having a sensor loaded computer dong the flying tho should eliminate this weakness.

Amazing 40 mins flight time

Having only 3 rotors and built of carbon fibre it is designed to minimise energy consumption. It boasts up to 40 mins flight time.compressed down

Is it too light?

All this weight reduction will make it more easily influenced by the wind, with a computer behind the sticks tho it can counteract the wind more efficiently than a human pilot.

Erida Smart flight and mapping

The functions of a drone are now moving away from the physical aspects and now the software, automated flight and autopilot are core to their usefulness.

With good software and sensors, you don’t need skills to fly, the drone does it all for you.

4K Camera

With Xiaomi 4K camera as part of the set, the footage recorded will be on par with the GoPro Hero 4k.

What is next for Xiaomi?

Xiaomi has aggressively been putting out new products every week and this is their second drone in just 2 months.xiaomi erida with case and gopro Hero

This brings an unbelievably long flight time, simple functionality and is made for those looking to record their adventure without needing to learn to fly.


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