Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Q-100 DATAhawk"

Rugged, Reliable, Rapidly Deployed

The QuestUAV DATAhawk design is inspired by survey professionals. A hand-launched, sub 2kg drone that is exceptionally easy to launch with para-recovery for safe operation in confined environments.

The Q-100 DATAhawk is available with the new QuestUAV AirDock Launch System. This unique launch system allows more efficient launches and provides greater separation between Pilot and aircradft during the safety-critical launch phase of a mission.

“It’s a briliant piece of kit. We were so impressed with the stability of it in high winds and yet still achieving an quality of image similar to a full size QuestUAV” Chris, Tempra

Training and Support

Save Time And Money With Our Online Training And Support Package

Enrol on our dedicated DATAhawk online training course which includes everything you need to know in order to get airborne safely and operate in your own environment.

The package includes written content, videos and practical learning. The course also includes dedicated, face to face, online consultation time with a QuestUAV DATAhawk engineer.

Training and Support

Sub 2kg. A Natural Progression From a Sub 1kg Fixed Wing Platform

Are you tired of the limitations of your sub 1kg platform?

Would a fixed wing with a higher camera resolution and gimballed camera, tough construction that can withstand stronger winds, and parachute landing capabilities be of interest?

Look no further. The DATAhawk is your answer.

Training and Support

QuestUAV Workflows Designed For The Professional, Useable By Anyone

Learn the whole process of creating a top quality, sellable, orthomosaic right from pre-survey to a client deliverable. This classic workflow is one of many QuestUAV produces for professional users.

Survey, agriculture, 3D, video flythrough, volumetric calculation, NDVI and many more workflows unravel the secrets to creating high quality, profitable data.


High Quality Survey Training at QuestUAV Technology Centre

Our online training will get you airborne. However to get the most from your DATAhawk we recommend a full-time two or three day training course with QuestUAV trainers, engineers and data processors, held at our technology centre in England.

“During training, you get under the skin of the company and that makes the difference. You work with the people that actually make the UAVs.”Anthony SALUS UAV

Training and Support

QuestUAV Brand Reliability

Do you already own, use and benefit from the strengths of a full size QuestUAV Surveyor or Agri?

Many operators around the world fly our aircraft successfully on a daily basis in challenging surrounding, but look for a smaller machine that encompasses all the benefits of the larger machines, that is lighter and easier to launch.

Enter the DATAhawk. Bringing the quality of the QuestUAV brand and its heritage into a powerful, smart and lightweight fixed wing solution.

And if you already own a QuestUAV then the upgrade is even simpler. Same planning tools, similar workflows, simple accreditation, same software.

Just a smaller aircraft.


Datahawk Resellers Wanted

QuestUAV is looking for top quality, dependable resellers, distributors or partners that are already operating in the UAV Services, Survey, Agriculture, Mining or Surveillance industries.

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • France
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia

Please contact us if you think your company is capable and ready for such a role.



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