NEWS: Flying Submarine

InnoCorp, LLC has announced SubMurres – its unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone—transitioning from water to air to land without  any individual or multiple deployments, fission of elements, (as in rockets), or complicated maneuvering.

Like the Murres, a unique seabird which can circumnavigate in the air and in water, SubMurres does both in unprecedented fashion.  SubMurres has all the key features of a submarine, including complete marine functionality, communication tower with periscope for panoramic viewing of above-water landscape, dual propulsion blades, fully-articulated rotors that emerge as needed, sensors, and more. But it doesn’t end there.

The dual submarine aircraft moves ubiquitously from water to air. As a submarine, Submurres glide silently underwater performing its mission as it surfaces. Once on the water surface its flight system is engaged and its four rotors emerge from their compartments as vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) is initiated. Once airborne, there is no expulsion of parts. SubMurres simply flies unfettered, with all components intact. Its landing apparatus allow it to settle on terrain, and its second camera system allows it to fully capture surroundings. From land, it can be directly re-dispatched to water. No need to redeploy or to be picked up by another carrier aircraft, unlike any of the chief aeronautic industry or Navy-funded university’s latest submersive drone models.


SubMurres, can return to the water without redeployment from another submarine or any other transport vehicle. Unlike other drones in use today, the device is controlled by command rather than by a thin tethered wire or other medium.

SubMurres is a diesel/battery powered vehicle. It has a main diesel engine, a generator, and a battery bank. The diesel engine can either power the vehicle or run the generator that recharges the battery bank.

As a diesel/battery powered UUV/UAV, SubMurres surfaces to run its diesel engine to charge the batteries. Once fully charged, SubMurres can head underwater using the battery-powered electric motors to drive its thrusters, sensors, cameras, and related equipment. While diesel/battery powered submarines are nothing new, InnoCorp is the first to implement this technology in a UUV/UAV drone, thereby significantly extending its operational capacity.

“There is nothing in the world like SubMurres! There is nothing like this anywhere,” says InnoCorp CEO, Jae Lee.  Even the innovative industry moguls like Boeing and its latest hailed “flying submarine” requires additional aircraft to carry it, as shared in its video release. Boeing’s drone and many others like it currently being used or in development are not autonomous vehicles —unlike what we’ve developed. What we’ve got is a total game-changer.”

With its sleek aerodynamic design, seen from several angles as it transforms from submarine to boat, to helicopter and to an airplane. SubMurres is truly not one vehicle but four– having complete but separately integrated systems that allow it to rotate to any of those functions.

SubMurres has stunning, game-changing implications for military operations; for drilling; for subsurface inspections (such as bridge footings and piers); for gaming and film-making; for the toy industry, and more. SubMurres brings the full meaning of autonomous vehicles to life.

Source: Press Release

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