Small, light weight, and very rugged. The Draganflyer Guardian is an excellent performer for industrial inspection, agriculture, mapping, public safety, or general purpose aerial photography and videography applications.

Ready to Fly Dimensions

  • Width: 59.5cm (23.5in)
  • Length: 59.5cm (23.5in)
  • Top diameter: 72.5cm (28.5in)
  • Height: 25.5cm (10in)



It’s a very responsive aircraft featuring our quick connect payload system. The quick connect speeds the process of changing between different payloads, eliminates cables between the payload and aircraft and quite frankly, it’s a pro-feature on a very affordable aircraft system. Check out the variety of payload options available.

To see the latest payload option kits please take a look at our Payload Options PDF


Out of the box the Guardian comes as a complete system, but for some applications you might want to do even more and why not, the system is architected to do so much more. The helicopter is great but honestly in the end it’s all about the work that needs to get done. Contact Draganfly to learn more about the digital base station and sharing your downlink video with a wider audience.


The Guardian Handheld Controller (HHC) features an ergonomically designed, sunlight-viewable touch screen. If you want even more flexibility or have a desire to develop your own software, contact us to learn more about our API, the DraganView GCS software, and the Handheld Controller.

Flight Modes

  • GPS position hold
  • Altitude hold
  • Return to home

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