Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Sperwer Mk II"

Sperwer Mk.II is a modernized version of the Sperwer system combining extended autonomy, high-performance image chain and reduced footprint. Combat-proven, it is being used daily on missions in international theaters.

Operational from unprepared areas, close to military units, Sperwer Mk.II provides highly accurate observation, threat detection and target designation to land forces as well as fire coordination for artillery.

Air transportable in C-130 type freight aircraft and mobile on light trucks, the entire modular system includes:

  • Ground Control Station (GCS) for flight control and mission analysis (including 3D mission planning, C4I connection, Geo- graphical Information System, etc.),
  • Ground Data Terminal (GDT) housing the digital radio-link terminal,
  •  A catapult, allowing a quick launch near combat zones,
  • air vehicles. Sperwer Mk.II offers a high level of responsiveness and tactical situation awareness in support to ground troops.

Thanks to its latest-generation Euroflir 350 optronic payload, it transmits real-time images and associated geolocation data to the GCSs or directly to dismounted soldiers on their Remote Video Terminal (Sagem RVT).

The state-of-the-art tactical UAV Safe and airworthy design:

  • • Fail-safe design and certified (based on JAR-VLA)
  • • Fully automated takeoff and landing: no runaway required
  • • Advanced digital avionics suite
  • • Digital J Band (15 GHz) data link
  • • Redundant back-up link in UHF
  • • Transponder/IFF mode 3C and VHF relay to ATC

Tactical capacity:

  • • Reduced footprint: system integrated on light all-terrain vehicles
  • • C-130 transportability
  • • Catapult launch and parachute recovery with airbags
  • • Real time, day/night operations
  • • C4I connection and interoperability

Multi-mission capacity:

  • • Real time ISTAR
  • • Targeting (1st round strike artillery accuracy)
  • • 2 UAVs in flight
  • • Handover capability between several GCSs

Multi-payload capacity:

  • • EO/IR
  • • SAR
  • • Transmission relay


  • • Data Link Range: – Video: 30km – AV telemetry: 50km
  • • Autonomy: 4 hours
  • • Transportable in a rucksack
  • • Cartographic display
  • • Image & video recording

Technical specifications:

  • • Endurance: >6 hours
  • • Overall length: 3.5m
  • • Wing span: 4.2m
  • • Ceiling: 15,000ft
  • • Speed: 90kts
  • • Data link range: 200km
  • • Payload capacity: 50kg

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