NEWS: HexH2o Pro V2 – the latest in the fleet of waterproof drones from Quadh20.

Following the continued success of this UK based drone company Quadh20 has continued to push forward the boundaries in the ever demanding and technically advanced drone market and have now released their most powerful waterproof drone to date.

It boasts some impressive features including DJI’s 4k X3 camera and gimbal system, high definition video down-link supplied by the DJI Lightbridge 2 giving a range of up to 3.5 kilometers, up to an impressive 30 minute flight time and all controlled via the powerful DJI Go App.

This combination delivers the most advanced waterproof drone on the market giving users the confidence and ability to safely capture stunning aerial video and photography above and below the water.

QuadH20’s waterproof drones have been used world-wide for search and rescue; first response; industrial inspections; scientific research and marine biology to name but a few. The unique waterproof qualities of the HexH20ProV2 with its ability to safely fly in the rain or snow, land on water and even film below the waterline bring a versatility not available with other drones.

Key Features:

Up to 30 min flight time
Fly in the rain, snow and land on water
Film above and below the waterline 4K camera with High Definition video down-link
3.5km flight and HD video range
DJI N3 flight controller
Stabilized gimbal
Advanced flight controls including mission planning/waypoints
Auto take off, auto landing, failsafe/return to home-point
Controlled via the DJI Go App

Release Date: 31st March 2017
Price: $6449 (USD)


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