SkyOne differs from nearly every other Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on the market. It’s not a quadcopter, and it’s not a fixed-wing aircraft. It’s actually a hybrid featuring the best of both worlds, while avoiding the limitations inherent with each separate design.

Because it has Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) capability, SkyOne takes off in much the same fashion as a quadcopter. This means it can be deployed from virtually anywhere, and can be landed with great accuracy.

Unlike a quadcopter, however, SkyOne transitions into forward, fixed-wing flight. The efficiency and lift of an airfoil allows SkyOne to carry out long-range flights before it transitions back to multi-copter mode for landing and charging on remote, autonomous stations.

Among its capabilities, SkyOne can:

  • Detect and report leaks (even at night)
  • Scan for Right-of-Way Violations
  • Capture and report vegetation encroachment


    Your pipeline or asset can be monitored accurately, efficiently, and inexpensively
  • VTOL
    Vertical Take-Off and Landing means that SkyOne can be dispatched anywhere, at anytime. No runways, no launchers, no hassle
    SkyOne lands precisely on an “xStation” – where SkyOne is protected while it recharges before continuing its voyage
    Our ground-based SkyX OS offers an at-a-glance picture of your fleet – and your assets


    Electronic components are weather-sealed, allowing SkyOne to fly in conditions that would ground other UASCUSTOM PAYLOADS
  • We can tailor SkyOne with sensors for your specific needs: IR, visual, multispectral, etc.LONG-DISTANCE FLIGHTS
  • Our SkyOne UAS can cover up to 100 kilometres before landing on a remote charging stationSEAMLESS, INTEGRATED, AUTONOMOUS
  • Together, the SkyX Solution provides a reliable and hands-free means of timely and accurate data acquisition

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