Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Watchkeeper X (thales)"

The Thales Watchkeeper X is a Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) for all weather, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) use by the British Army. It is provided under an £800 million contract from Elbit and Thales UK and is based on Elbit’s Hermes 450.

The system delivers intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance capability, operating in extreme and challenging environments to collect, exploit and distribute vital information efficiently.

Watchkeeper X is a fully airworthy, certified, unmanned aircraft system that can be adapted to your exact needs through the right choice in sensors, exploitation, mobility and effectors options. These options can be selected and inserted throughout the lifetime of the system.

Central to the effectiveness of this certified high-performance unmanned aircraft system is the aircraft. It has an impressive 16hrs+ endurance; operating at ranges in excess of 140km with maximum transit speed of 95knots. When operating multiple aircraft with the system you can achieve 24/7 surveillance, operating at any range.

Watchkeeper X is built to the same standards as a manned aircraft, and conforms to CAA/MAA standards. It is designed to be a highly mobile tactical capability system offering 24/7 surveillance.

Robust, safe and reliable
Watchkeeper X is built to CS23/STANAG 4671 airworthiness certification standards, and can operate in zero visibility, harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

Fully autonomous mission system, take-off and landing
Watchkeeper X has a fully autonomous mission control and automated take off and landing system, which reduces manning and training costs and makes it simple to deploy.

Watchkeeper X has an extensive range of options to keep pace with changing technology and threat changes in the future. The modular approach to its design means you can add capability now and enhance capability in the future.



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