NEWS: China’s Anti-Drone Gun Tested

China 1Authorities in China have now begun field-testing their latest anti-drone “gun” that is capable of taking down any un-welcomed drone. Police officers in the country were recently armed with the new drone jamming gun at a big soccer game in Wuhan, China. Any drone that trespassed within the event’s premises were disabled and forced to land through the system’s signal jamming capabilities.

Cost and implementation of the new system

China’s new anti-drone weapon reportedly costs $19,000 each. Despite the stratospheric price, the Chinese government is apparently still interested in purchasing several units to help them take down unmanned aerial threats. Being one of the biggest manufacturers of drone systems means that the country does need potent countermeasures that will help it stop unauthorized flying robots from accessing sensitive and vulnerable areas.

China 2

The new jamming system is reportedly capable of taking down targets up to a kilometer away, which gives it enough range to take down incoming aerial threats before they arrive. Chinese authorities are taking these types of threats seriously, which is why more units will likely be purchased for different policing agencies within the country.

Source: blastingnews


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