Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "bhe uav"

BHE’s UAV is a technologically advanced reconnaissance system designed for today’s first responders. While it follows a reprogrammed route it provides real-time airborne situation awareness to support a variety of high-value missions.


  • 3D flight control
  • Black box function
  • Real time route modification
  • 3D internal nav. sensors
  • Onboard Galileo-ready GPS
  • Real time transmission range: 30km
Application: ISR
Length: 1,7 m
Wingspan: 3,7 m
Ceiling: min. 4000 m depending on configuration
Cruise speed 60-100 km/h
Endurance: up to 100 minutes
Launch: catapult (with net or belly landing recovery)
Propulsion: electric brushless engine (1200W peak power)
Status: available
Range: 160km
Endurance: <100 min
Payload: 3kg



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