Bird-Eye 650D, a small tactical unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed and developed by MALAT Division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), entered serial production in June 2016.

The UAS is intended for a variety of military and paramilitary missions such as over-the-hill intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR), patrol, urban operation, counter-terrorism, convoy escort, radio relay, and law enforcement.

Its civilian applications include surveillance of disaster areas, water resource management, mapping, and powerline inspections.

Bird-Eye 650D is the latest member of the Bird-Eye family of UAS’, which also includes Bird-Eye 400 and Bird-Eye 650. The 650D offers better mission endurance compared to the Bird-Eye 650.


  • Endurance: > 15 hrs
  • Range: > 150 km
  • Ceiling: 15,000 ft
  • Loiter Speed: 40 ktas
  • Max. Speed: 80 ktas

Technical Data


  • Max Take-off weight: 30 kg
  • Max Payload weight for full endurance: 5.5 kg


  • Wingspan: 4 m

Powerplant: Gasoline fuel engine


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