Intip Spesifikasi PUNA Wulung Buatan Indonesia

Puna Wulung BPPT-made drone that is intended to operate on low-medium altitude that can fly up to a duration of 4 hours. Drone is designed for deployment of agricultural seeds and artificial rain-making. Maximum distance is 70 kilometers, with a cruising speed of 52 to 69 knots. The aircraft can be controlled in a distance of 73 kilometers from the remote control. Puna Wulung able to fly up to an altitude of 12 thousand feet.

The wingspan 6.34 meters
Empty weight 60 kg (max)
heavy Loads 25 kg (max)
Takeoff weight 130 kg (max)
cruising speed 55 knots (min)
fly time 4 hours (max)
distance cruising 200 km (max)
flying height 12,000 feet (max)
Distance takeoff 300 meters
Landing Land
The propulsion system Bensinn 2-stroke engine, max 22 HP
load Video camera / digital camera
control system Manual / autopilot / auto navigation

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