NEWS: Hydrogen Drones, New Solutions Featured at FAMEX in Mexico


It’s conference season – and new solutions for the drone industry are taking top billing at expos around the world.  The Feria Aeroespacial México 2017 (FAMEX 2017) kicks off in Mexico City next week, and leading commercial manufacturer MMC will be featuring the next generation of hydrogen drone technology.

MMC launched the world’s first hydrogen powered drone, the HyDrone 1800 a year ago.  But in a testimony to just how fast technology moves in the drone industry, this year at FAMEX MMC will show off a new solution, with upgraded specifications to meet higher standards in professional applications.  The new HyDrone 1800 garnered huge attention when introduced at IDEX 2017 in Abu Dhabi this February, as the high endurance solution opens up drone applications across a wide variety of verticals.

Designed for use across longer distance and wider coverage conditions, the HyDrone 1800 can be utilized across industries.  Depending upon the payload it carries, the HyDrone 1800 is used for aerial surveillance, reconnaissance, security control, emergency reaction, damage assessment or other tasks. The lightweight, carbon fiber body combined with the cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell gives the drone a stunning 4-hour endurance: the drone is also wind, weather and temperature resistant. MMC’s patented “plug-and-play” payload systems allows enterprises to choose from hundreds of payloads, allowing a single drone to be used for countless applications.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is a breakthrough innovation for drones. Thousands of hours of R&D have solved the technical difficulties in stability, endurance, fuel cell safety, and compatibility: testing in the field with industry partners have proven the HyDrone’s performance in conditions ranging from high altitude to extreme temperatures in some of most challenging terrains in the world.

“This technology is a new step forward from concept into real applications,” says MMC’s founder Lu Zhi Hui.  “It’s safe, it’s effective, it’s proven –  and the endurance is unmatched by any other powered multi-rotor UAS in this time.”

To learn more about MMC and the HyDrone 1800, please visit or contact:    Phone: +86 755 8607 4603.


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