NEWS: Czech UAV Manufacturer Expands to Russia

Czech company Primoco UAV, a producer of civilian unmanned drones, is now expanding to Russia. Primoco launched full production of its first model, the UAV One 100, last year. Russia is the first country outside the Czech Republic where the company will produce its drones through its new subsidiary Primoco BPLA.

The CEO and founder of Primoco UAV SE Ladislav Semetkovský said that this expansion was driven by the large interest in unmanned drones in the Russian Federation.

“In the last few years we have seen enormous interest in drones which meet the needs of the Russian market. We provide solutions for monitoring of gas and oil pipelines, protection of forests from fires, precision agriculture and geo-mapping. The UAV 100 drone can fly for 10 hours with an  endurance of up 1,500 km, even in extreme climatic conditions, which makes it both the ideal and the only available solution.”

Its other advantages include full automation which enables the drone to automatically takeoff, fly and land.

The production of models One 100 and One 150 in Russia is planned for the second half of 2017. In 2018, Primoco BPLA will target the production and delivery of 50 drones worth around RUB 750 million.

Source: Press Release


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