Alpha Unmanned Systems Partners with Sightec

Madrid, Spain based Alpha Unmanned Systems, manufacturer of the gasoline-powered helicopter UAV known as the Alpha 800, has announced its technology partnership with Sightec, an Israeli developer of pioneering video image stabilization and object detection software.
“Sightec’s on-board processing eliminates the shakiness caused by vibration on 1, 2 and 3 axes and makes the images recorded easier to analyze than ever before. Using Sightec, we significantly reduce man-hours previously needed to detect moving objects,” says Eric Freeman, CEO of Alpha. “Flying at 1,100 meters altitude, imagery from the Alpha 800 taken over Jaén, Spain appears crystal clear. Man-hours are reduced and bandwidth requirements needed for transmission are minimized.”
Operating without a gimbal, Sightec’s image stabilization electronic solution eliminates vibrations on 1, 2 or 3 axes . From border surveillance to infrastructure inspection, Sightec’s technology is a great addition to the Alpha 800 eco-system of “best-of-breed technology partners.”

Roy Shmuel, CEO of Sightec, states, “We are delighted to integrate our technology onto the Alpha 800 platform.” With 2.5 hours of flight time, our image stabilization system makes the image analysis work very easy and accurate. Alpha is a reliable partner with a world-class helicopter platform and we are very pleased to work together.”
Gabriel Sachor, Presidente and CEO of Sky Sapience, a tethered drone manufacturer in Israel, comments,
“the incorporation of Sightec’s technology with the Alpha 800 platform makes video imagery completely stable and makes automated analysis easier than ever.” “Both Alpha and Sightec provide excellent technology and it is great to harness the power of them working together.”
Source: Press Release


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