ECA Group Unveils IMSI-Catcher Module for UAV IT180

At MILIPOL 2017, ECA Group unveiled the IMSI-Catcher signal intelligence module for its UAV IT180 mini-drone. The IMSI-Catcher* is a mean of surveillance for counter terrorism that makes it possible to carry out electronic intelligence missions.

IMSI-Catcher module is already used in ground and airborne vehicles during special operations on field, but its integration in a UAVshould considerably facilitate and expand its use, as the UAV can overcome obstacles (roads, forests, mountains or desert areas) and to fly lower, getting closer to the targets.

“Complementary to operations already carried out by aircraft, the UAV will enable detection missions to be carried out discreetly in hard-to-access areas with rapid and flexible deployment conditions.” explained Francis Duruflé, Sales Manager of the Aerial UAV business at ECA Group.

The IT180 platform is capable of integrating different types of IMSI Catchers to perform operations in multiple contexts depending on mission, country, regulatory and environmental objectives.

The main assets of the IT180 UAV that play a decisive role in an intelligence mission are:

50-minute autonomous flight

0-km flight range
high payload capacity
In addition to the IMSI Catcher, this allows to mount also a high-definition camera on board the IT180 for collecting additional and detailed information, both electronic and visual.
Available from the first quarter of 2018, the integration of this IMSI-Catcher module allows ECA Group to further extend its offer for the intelligence community.

* IMSI – International Mobile Subscriber Identity (unique ID number contained in a SIM card used to identify the user of a mobile phone network).

Source: Press Release


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