Airbus Invests In Maker Of ADS-B For UAVs

Airbus’ venture capital investments in the unmanned aircraft industry are continuing with the company taking a stake in uAvionix, a Montana-based startup developing miniaturized automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) transceivers for detect-and-avoid in UAVs.

Airbus Ventures has led a $5 million Series round of investment in the company, along with existing investors, and takes the funding raised so far to $10 million. The new funding will be used to expand the products and services offered by uAvionix, which also makes low-cost ADS-B and GPS receivers for general aviation and unmanned aircraft.

Airbus previously invested in AirMap, a provider of airspace management services for drones, the European manufacturer participating in its $26 million Series B round in February.

Airbus Ventures has also invested in AEye, a Silicon Valley startup specializing in vision systems for autonomous vehicles, and BestMile, a Swiss company developing a fleet management platform for urban mobility.

Other investments include Cognata, an Israeli developer of deep-learning simulations to accelerate the validation of the safety of autonomous vehicles; and Humatics, which is developing microlocation products to enable humans and machines to navigate and collaborate.

Airbus Ventures has also invested in e-Peas, a Belgian startup specializing in energy harvesting for ultra-low-power Internet of Things devices; Japan’s Infostellar, which has a satellite antenna-sharing software platform; and Switzerland’s Astrocast, which plans a nanosat constellation for machine-to-machine communication.

The European giant, meanwhile, has also formed its own startup subsidiary, Atlanta-based Airbus Aerial, that offers commercial Earth-imaging services using data collected from satellites, high-flying manned and unmanned aircraft and low-altitude drones.


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