4 Front Robotics – Navig8 Electric


Portable twin shrouded-prop, electric VTOL UAV for operations inside confined spaces e.g., buildings, warehouses, mines, etc.) or in close proximity to critical infrastructure (e.g., power lines & bridge inspection).

The variable-pitch props & the dual ducted optimal design enables the UAV to have greater payload capacity (50-60% more) and fly for longer periods of time when compared to similar size UAVs. This UAV has enhanced knife-edge maneuver capabilities (when compared to our gas powered Navig8 UAVs) and can also take-off and land on highly slopped terrains (e.g., 25-45 degrees of inclination). This UAV uses our proprietary zero lift tail rotor for enhanced control and easier to fly and perform autonomous pitch hover and other maneuvers at high speeds (e.g., inside collapsed building. The shrouded props tilt, individually, about inclined axes/spars for pitch and yaw control.

Technical Characteristics

Product Name: Navig8 UAV Gas
Product Description:
Year of initial development:: 2004
Year of last update: 2014
Typical Applications: Helicopter impenetrable environments missions
Platform: Copter
Brand : 4FrontRobotics.com
Max. payload [kg]: 40
Max. stay in the air [min]: 120
Max. speed [km/h]:
Max. height above ground [m]: 0.9
Propulsion: Gas
ø / wingspan [cm]: 200
Height [cm]: 90
Weight [kg]: 81
Weight of battery [kg]:
Weight of filled fuel tank [kg]: 22
Number of rotors: 2
Transport on human back: N
Min. operation temperature [°C]: -30
Max. operation temperature [°C]: 50
Max. wind speed [m/sec]: 17