A-11 Swift

Unmanned aircraft “Swift” A-11 is part of the MMBK “Skif” in the amount of 2 pieces. Developed by Ukrainian CB “Rise” engineers. In addition to the drone, the complex consists of ground equipment, control station for management and monitoring, the antenna system and catapults. For transportation, the whole complex is placed in a truck.

UAV A-11 is designed for video surveillance. The whole area is being monitored in real time. “Swift” can be used as an air target for military exercises.This UAV is equipped with devises that reflect radio signals.

Take-off is possible with a fixed catapult. Landing is carried out with a parachute. The Equipment of UAV consists of:

  1. Satellite navigation systems, developed on the basis of GPS-35.
  2. One camera or 2 cameras, depending on the configuration and the method of using the drone.
  3. Digital radio receiver and aircraft control equipment.
  4. Transmitters with a noise-kind signal.
  5. Control systems running on the CP-686E processor.


The final composition is completed according to the features set selected by the customer. UAV flight position, mode information and the location is displayed on the monitor of ground station using satellite navigation.

A-11 Swift. Characteristics:

Modification A-11
Wingspan, m 1.05
Length m 1.70
Height, m 0.35
Weight, kg
  maximum take-off 30.0
  payload 5.0
  fuel 7.50
engine’s type 1 THD
Link H 1 x 75
Maximum speed km / h 360
Minimum speed, km / h 110
Practical range, km
Radius of action, km 60
The flight duration, min 20
Practical ceiling, m 4000