Aeronautics – Aerostar

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Since its introduction in 2000, the Aerostar has broken several world records and set unprecedented standards for reliability, life cycle, ease of operation, logistics, endurance, operational range, payload options, ground systems interfaces, cost-effectiveness, and more. Currently operational in four continents, the Aerostar was chosen by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to perform its routine security missions and within only 18 months logged in excess of 10,000 operational flight hours. The system’s performance and reliability has proven to be unrivaled in its category. A multi-mission system capable of carrying various payloads. the Aerostar enjoys the flexibility of operating as a stand alone, or engaging as a relay station within larger set-ups. allowing for a seamless integration into a comprehensive system of systems and existing customer set-ups. Furthermore, the system’s virtual communication features and flexible interfaces allow the users to maximize their capabilities.

The Aerostar Tactical UAV system is specifically designed to operate in the modem battlefield, providing each component of the operation with the systems’ entire array of capabilities. Field units are equipped with RPCS units for receiving and controlling the Aerostar throughout its operation in real-time- This provides field commanders with online updates of the battle and allows them to personally influence the system and adjust to recently occurred situations. Moreover, military command can receive the battlefield data accurately and in its entirety to their headquarters, all in real time, providing the appropriate personnel with the ultimate tool for making the right decisions.

The Aerostar system is designed to integrate with any other system participating in battle, including helicopters, ground vehicles, maritime vessels, etc. creating a Network Centric Environment and the ultimate tool for all Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition missions.

High Reliability and Availability

The Aerostar system utilizes a highly reliable and proven engine (490 IA, 38 HP), and a world-leading avionics package (UMAS™), providing the best weight to carriage ratio, as well as an incredibly high MTBF and a very low MTTR.


The Aerostar’s compact, state of the art avionics system allows for a larger fuel compartment thus providing the longest endurance aircraft in its class. In addition, the avionics integration capability affords it the ability to adapt to any payload in the market.


The system is based on an open architecture design, allowing for seamless integration with any subsystem and C4I environment The system’s configuration can easily be adjusted to any operational requirements. Its ground control stations vary from a multiple UAV real time control station (HCS -Hydra Control Station) to the unique RPCS (Remote Payload Control Station), providing a remote portable video terminal with real time payload control capability.

Service Ceilling
18,000 ft
Operational Endurance
> 12  hours
LOS Datalink range
*SATCOM Datalink Optional
200 km
Loiter speed
60 kts
Dash speed
110 kts
6.5 m (21 ft)
4.5 m (15 ft)
1.2 m (4 ft)
210 kg (460 lb)
Max Payload Weight
50 kg (110 lb)