Amimon – Falcore

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The Falcore is a 250-sized racing drone from Amimon that works in conjunction with the included CONNEX ProSight HD FPV system. With a top speed of 80 mph, the Falcore is a performer that will appeal to experienced racers. At the same time, its “Shield” flight mode is designed to make learning to fly intuitive and easy for beginners. This FPV bundle features a mostly assembled aircraft plus the essentials to get you started, including the HD FPV downlink, radio controller (transmitter), flight battery and charger, and propeller installation tool.

CONNEX ProSight HD Video Downlink
The Falcore introduces HD FPV video to the racing arena thanks to its integrated ProSight camera and HD video transmitter. The receiver is included as well and features an HDMI output for connection to separately available FPV goggles or a field monitor.
Carbon Fiber Monocoque
The carbon fiber chassis provides superior strength with less weight compared to traditional monocoque designs while providing protection for all electronics, including the battery.
Flexible, Tubular Arms
Tubular Arms improve air flow under the propellers and increase effective thrust and efficiency. The flexible arms are designed to dislocate momentarily at high power impacts to help protect your drone from damage.
Toolless Motor Removal
The propeller arms separate toollessly, saving you time when making repairs for packing up to leave.
Fast Battery Replacement
The flight battery enclosure features a pull-out, push-in design to expedite refueling.

XT60 Battery Connector
The Falcore features a standard XT60 connector for compatibility with a wide range of LiPo model batteries.
Single Screw Electronics Drawer Removal
The Falcore’s electronics drawer allows you to quickly and easily extract all the electronics from the frame, for convenient access and easy maintenance.
Race Grade Power
The Falcore features RAPTOR BlHeli 4S ESCs plus CONNEX DRIVE 2204-2300 motors, which generate approximately 2.2lb of thrust.
F3 Flight Controller
The Falcore is powered by the STM32 F3 flight control system with integrated PDB (power distribution board).
Beginner Friendly
The Falcore is designed to be flown by anyone, out the box. Its “Shield” flight mode uses sonar and barometer sensors to automatically maintain flight altitude, while flight direction is set using a single stick. As you gain experience, you can gradually disable all safety nets and fly like a pro with the standard Horizon and Acro flight modes.
Stop & Land Button
In a pinch, use this feature to bring the Falcore to a stop and land it automatically.
Detachable Prop-Guards
Detachable prop-guards offer enhanced protection during training.

Amimon Falcore Racing Drone Kit with HD FPV System, Transmitter, and Battery

Technical Characteristsics:

Speed 80 mph / 130 km/h
Flight Controller
Model STM32 F3 with integrated PDB (power distribution board)
Configuration Cleanflight Configurator compatible
Flight Modes Shield Flight
Auto Stop & Land function
Resolution HD
Video Downlink
Model Transmitter: CONNEX ProSight Digital HD
Receiver: CONNEX ProSight
Output HDMI
Model Connex Falcore 8-Channel Tx
Number of Channels 8
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Protocol AFHDS
Current 2 A
Battery Chemistry: Lithium-ion
Capacity: 5000 mAh
Voltage: 7.2 V
Model Falcore 2204
Motor Velocity Constant 2300 kV
Connector MT30
Model Raptor 20A BlHeli
Current 20 A
Flight Battery
Chemistry Lithium-ion polymer (LiPo)
Capacity 1400 mAh
Configuration 4S
Maximum Discharge Rate 75C
Model HQ 5045 Bullnose
Size 50×54
Completion Level Assembled
Size 250
Construction Carbon fiber monocoque with carbon fiber motor mounts