DreamQii – PlexiDrone

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PlexiDrone is an easy to control, swarm-capable, ultra-portable camera robot specifically created for film makers, professional photographers, developers and hobbyists. DreamQii, the company behind it, takes pride of this drone because it has the ability to take aerial production to new heights. If you want to know more about this unit, this full review on PlexiDrone will tell you interesting facts about it.

PlexiDrone Takes Aerial Photography To The Next Level

In order to cater the demand for a highly portable aerial photography platform, DreamQii has able to come up with this ultra-compact solution. One of the best things about this drone is that you can assemble or disassemble it in less than one minute, minus the use of any tools. This fact alone has caught the attention of hobbyists, film makers, professional photographers and drone enthusiasts.

The PlexiDrone is also made for developers. It comes with a modular payload system in order to allow you to attach anything to the unit with ease. It also features a developer’s serial port. This way, developers can send information through it.


PlexiDrone Specs And Features

Up to 1000 grams payloads

Up to 10m proximity sensing

3000 ft hub range

360 degree unobstructed camera view

3S 6250 mAh LiPo

38 x 38 x 13 cm (size)


Since this unit is ultra-portable, you can take it anywhere with you with ease. In one minute, you will be able snap it together and fly the drone. With this unit, filming from the sky has never been easier. You only have to point the drone to where you want it to fly and start capturing stunning aerial film. This is made possible through PlexiGCS Easy Control. Using your smartphone and a PlexiGCS app, you can control the drone through its GPS Follow Me and real time camera control.

With SwarmTech and PlexiGCS, you can fly a swarm of PlexiDrones and capture a scene from various vantage points. Using your tablet or smartphone, you can control and coordinate 3 Plexidrones with ease. Another amazing thing about this drone is the fact that it is a social robot. It will talk to you to inform, engage and entertain you, specifically when it comes to its status.