Kespry – Kespry Drone 2.0

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Kespry drone UAVs are easy to fly automatically, anytime, from any location. The onboard flight computer system uses a variety of sensors to deliver a hands-off piloting experience from takeoff to landing, and covers hundreds of acres in minutes. Advanced onboard GPS technology delivers survey-grade accuracy for civil planning, design, and layout operations. High-resolution camera sensors capture hundreds of images in the exact locations necessary to generate high-density 3D models. Data is uploaded automatically and wirelessly for analysis and reporting.


The Drone 2.0 is one of the heavier drones on the market, weighing in at 2,000 grams or 4.4 pounds.

Flight Basics

Max Flight Time – 30 minutes
Lower Payload = Longer Flight Time

Possessing a flight time of 30 minutes, the Drone 2.0 can fly for 22 minutes longer than the average drone.

The flight time measurement given is the amount of time the drone will fly with no additional weight added, so keep in mind that as you add additional weight, the flight time will decrease.

Flight Details

Maximum Speed – 11.0
How and Where Can it Operate?

At a top speed of 11.0 m/s, or 25 mph, the Drone 2.0 is slower than a lot of drones available. Remember that this is the horizontal top speed, and you’ll also need to account for wind strength and direction when flying, which will affect the rate of travel.

Control Basics

Control System
Pair With Your Smartphone or Tablet

In order to fly the Kespry Drone 2.0, you’ll need to download the app onto your compatible smartphone or tablet. The app will only work on devices featuring at least or later, so be sure that your device has the right software installed.

Tech Specs

  • 150+ acres single flight
  • 25 mph sustained wind resilience 35 mph gusts
  • 30 min flight time, field swappable batteries
  • 20 megapixel camera
  • 5 GHz WiFi and LTE equipped
  • Weight 2 kg
  • 900 MHz radio link
  • 1mm – 2.5cm GSD (configuration dependent)