QuadH2O – HexH2o Pro V2

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HexH2o Pro V2 is essentially an upgraded waterproof DJI Inspire. This new hexacopter can fly in the snow, the rain, and even float on water with its buoyancy system. This is built for professionals looking to do marine research, industrial inspections, first response missions, and it can capture DJI quality footage in the most demanding environments.

QuadH20 is a UK based company that offers many other custom made waterproof drones, and this is their latest multirotor release.

This will come built with DJI’s X3 camera, N3 flight controller, E800 motors, Lightbridge 2 technology, and it will be compatibility with the DJI GO app. For those who aren’t familiar with DJI’s technology, this multicopter will be able to fly up to 3.5km. The X3 is a 12.4-megapixel camera that can shoot up to 4096×2160 resolution at a 60Mbps bitrate. The downlink is 1080p capable. Six 13-inch quick release propellers will also be included. This will be able to fly up to 56 km/h in sports mode. The flight time is rated at 30 minutes. It’ll be able to hold a payload of up to 2 kilograms. The airframe is built with epoxy fiber composite, and it’ll come with carbon fiber arms.

HexH2O Pro V2 Drone Key Features:

  • Up to 30 min flight time
  • Fly in the rain, snow, and land on water
  • Film above and below the waterline 4K camera with High Definition video downlink
  • 3.5km flight and HD video range
  • DJI N3 flight controller
  • Stabilized gimbal Advanced flight controls including mission planning/waypoints
  • Auto take off, auto landing, failsafe/return to home-point
  • Controlled via the DJI Go App
  • Release Date: 31st March 2017
  • Price: $6,449