QuestUAV – Q-200

Aerial Survey And Data Analysis

The QuestUAV SURVEYOR PRO solution is aimed at the advanced user who is looking to obtain high grade data and accuracy.

The SURVEYOR PRO is for is best suited for more established users who are looking to invest long term. The solution is aimed at allowing the user to remain active in their service for longer by providing everything nessessary to perform their job and to remain consistently airworthy, saving them time, resources and costs.

A Complete UAV Solution

The QuestUAV Surveyor has been designed to allow you to capture the all important data in the quickest way possible, drastically saving you time and money.

The data capable of capturing covers a wide range of applications and industry including agriculture for land survey (2cm res), archaeology for site investigation, Fluvial/Glacial/Cadastral surveys, high altitude surveys, land management, Stock Pile Volume Estimation and many more applications.

Invest In Our Future Proof Technology

Keep up to-date without sourcing whole new systems. The QuestUAV Q-Pod technology allows a series of modular payload bays to be attached to your UAV. Opt for different sensors or upgrade to new sensors when they become available.

This technology is a breakthrough in low-cost commercial UAV, giving you an unparalleled capability to benefit from the latest sensor designs and developments.

High Accuracy Sensing Capabilities And Outputs


The sensor is the heart of your UAV and depending on which sensor you choose will determine what data you UAV is capable of collecting.

Survey large areas of land in high detail with our QuestUAV Surveyor drone. At the heart of the UAV sits a the Sony A6000 visible (RGB) sensor which captures high definition geo-referenced images which are suitable for post analysis of the survey area.

The Sony A6000 captures the finest detail with the DSLR-sized 24.3 effective megapixel APS-C sensor. Using the 16mm wide angle lens we are able to capture data down to 2.4cm GSD resolution at 400ft. The A6000 is equipped with a Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor usually found inside a DSLR to ensure an extremely fast performance, sharp image quality and low noise images, even in low light conditions.

The sensor is triggered automatically by the autopilot through an infra red sensor. This means that there is no modification to the camera ensuring that replacements are at regular prices rather than highly inflated OEM prices.

When the mission has finished all images and their corresponding coordinates cab be inputted into our modeling software (upgrade option) where 2D orthomosaics, 3D surface models and point clouds can be generated.