Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "patroller (Sagem)"

The SAGEM Patroller is an unmanned air vehicle, designed and manufactured jointly by SAGEM and Stemme. It is based on the Stemme ASP S15 motor-glider. The first flight was in June 2009 at Kemijarvi in Finland; it was shown at the 2009 Paris Air Show. The Patroller is a Medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (MALE) by the definition of the NATO.

It completed another series of flight tests in July 2010, which demonstrated it is capable of missions lasting 20–30 hours; it can carry a 250 kg payload (including 80 kg under each wing). The Patroller will carry out imaging and surveillance trials in southern France, detecting forest fires.

The Patroller system has carried out numerous civil and military missions:

-surveillance of borders, coasts and sensitive areas
-humanitarian aid and peacekeeping operations
-protection of ground forces
-support for air-land response measures
-artillery guidance
-territorial protection
-environmental surveillance

Key performance features of the Patroller system:

-autonomy: 20 h
-mission payload: >250kg
-ceiling: 20,000 feet / 6,000m
-speed: 100 to 200km/h
-range: 180km (extendable to 500km)
-landing gear: reinforced and retractable
-high performance multi-sensor system
-low logistics footprint
-automated taxiing, take-off and landing (ATOLS system)
-mission system update capability
-operation in civil airspace (see and avoid module)
-low operating cost
-reduced implementation team