Terra drone – Laser Drone

Пов’язане зображення

Terra drone have developed a real-time 3D mapping system which  integrates UAV with LiDAR capability.

We can customise our solution for specific customer requirements like landform type, budget, data accuracy and schedules. We have standardised our platforms on industry recognised leading products including the Riegl and Velodyne scanners. Our LiDAR solution can collect the mapping data from all terrain types and generate high accuracy models with a measurable accuracy of ±3cm.


  • High-end model : Riegl VUX-1 HA

    Effective Measurement Rate : 500,000 point / sec
    Max. Range : 420m
    Min. Range : 1.2m
    Accuracy : 5mm
    Scanning Angle : 120°
    Precision : 10mm

  • Middle-end model : Velodyne VLP-16

    Effective Measurement Rate : 300,000 point / sec
    Max. Range : 100m
    Min. Range : 1.0m
    Accuracy : 10mm
    Scanning Angle : 100°
    Precision : 100mm


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