Ukrspecsystems PD-1


PD-1 UAS is a complete solution that consist of a light-weight 3 m wing span UAV platform equipped with a fuel engine, gimbal and ground control station. Other payloads are also available upon request. PD-1is suitable for surveillance, aero photo mapping and other applications.

Top features:

  • 6+ hour endurance
  • 2000 m service ceiling
  • Up to 8 kg payload capacity
  • 12 L long endurance fuel tank
  • Multiple payload options
  • Fast deployment time
  • Encrypted datalink

Product video

Technical details


  • 3 meters wing-span
  • 6+ hours flight time
  • Service ceiling: 2000 m
  • Up to 8 kg combined payload capacity
  • Auto take-off and landing
  • 15 minutes deployment time
  • Ground control station
  • Autopilot with preprogrammed route feature (up to 100 waypoints)
  • Encrypted 50 km real-time video downlink (AES128)
  • Encrypted 85 km UAV control datalink
  • GPS anti-jamming feature
  • Auto-return feature in case of GPS failure, signal loss or jamming
  • 100 W on-board generator (optionally)
  • Fuel sensor, engine RPM sensor, temperature sensor (optionally)
  • 12 L long endurance fuel tank



Payload options

Gimbal payload

Different payload options available from Ukrspecsystems. Our gyro-stabilized gimbals was designed for use on light unmanned aircrafts and perfectly fits PD-1 UAV. Multi-sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal with EO and IR sensors, IR sensor only gimbal, aerial mapping equipment and other payloads available upon request. Visit our gimbals page or contact us for more information.




Ground Control Station

Ground Control station for UAV

Ground Control Station (GCS) for PD-1 UAV is equipped with laptop to control the UAV and HD screen to view video stream from gimbal. GCS allows to control the unmanned aerial vehicle and receive video signals in real time. It is being placed into sealed shock- dust- water- proof case. Internal replaceable batteries allow to operate the unit for up to 5 hours.



Staff training


Ukrspecsystems also offers professional staff training courses. We can either come to our client or do a training course at our facility on simulators and actual flights on training version of PD-1 UAV.