Zala Aero 421-02


ZALA 421-02 – Unmanned Air Vehicle developed by Russian company Zala Aero. It has a vertical takeoff function and is used for intelligence, surveillance, targeting and other purposes.

The UAV is made with very light materials, that provides a good power and capacity functions. Engine:
Two-cylinder, duple, air-cooled engine with 20 horsepower. It can carry up to 50 kg of additional stuff.

The control station is equipped with 2 portable computers – one for planning and flight management, other for equipment management and video processing. It allows to do both this tasks simultaneously. Meanwhile, video and photo recording and video playback is available.

System of commands allows to control the drone in autonomous mode or by means of integration to the operational tactical networks. Manual control is available at any time. Adding, deleting and editing the information about its route is available at any time through user interface. In both modes the UAV automatically stabilizes its flight.

 Technical Characteristics:
Modification   Zala 421-02
Diameter of rotor, m   3.064
Length, m   2.64
Height, m   0.795
Width, m   0.56
Weight, kg
  •   Empty
  • Maximum
Engine type   1 PE
Power, hp   1 х 20
Max speed,km/h   150
Cruising speed, km/h   80
Radius of operation, km   50
Flight duration, h   6
Max altitude, m   4000